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Core Subjects


Didactic Secuence Secuencia Didactica

Our school has an academic structure that allows the student in an autonomous way to develop their activities, that is what we call a Didactic Sequence, which is composed of 6 steps.


Educational Transcript

The transcript is a record of the subjects a student has taken in a given grade, along with his or her progress and grades. This document serves as proof that a student meets the academic criteria for a particular grade and is eligible for promotion to the next grade.

Vims issues an Academic Transcript at the end of high school, or at the request of each student and his/her parents.

Our application procedure is simple and quick. Simply email your child's ID and most recent academic transcript to to submit an application. Our helpful consultants will be pleased to respond to all of your inquiries and will walk you through the entire procedure.


There is no issue with that. Young children's English language proficiency is improved by our tutors and curriculum. We have been successful in teaching children as young as five and six to begin speaking English thanks to the methodical approach we use, which has produced the best results. Before enrolling, you are always welcome to have a free consultation with our consultant or an instructor to discuss this topic.

Our experience has proven that, even for young children in elementary school, online learning can be just as beneficial as conventional schooling. Children can learn at their own pace in an online school. They learn more quickly thanks to the platform's interactive and multimedia learning content, which captures and holds their attention. Our tutors customize their teaching methods to meet the needs of each individual student, which is helpful with younger pupils in particular.

Yes, parents must work with their children in elementary school. This is especially true for pupils in Grades 1 and 2 because they are learning the fundamentals and do not yet have learning habits. While our tutors provide help and guided study, parents must go over the learning material with their children outside of class. When it comes to youngsters in grades 3 or 4, they occasionally require parental assistance.

Make your child's learning environment at home calm and distraction-free. A computer or laptop with an active internet connection is required. You don't need to acquire books because the learning material is available on the site, but a notebook and a pen are useful. Assist them in developing and adhering to a school schedule.